Introducing Hddb

What is Hddb

Hddb is a file search tool for windows.
Hddb can quickly locate files and/or folders by name.
Basic file operations can be applied to the results.

How similar is Hddb to Everything

•Small installation file.
•Clean and simple user interface.
•Quick file indexing.
•Quick searching.
•Quick startup.

How is Hddb different from Everything

•No UAC prompt on startup.
Hddb only need admin permission when building database.
•No real-time updating.
Hddb do not auto update database, you need to call it explicitly.
•Even faster startup
While everything is very fast to start, hddb starts even faster.
•Fast sorting
In Everything, sorting is slow if not by name. Hddb can sort by any column in one or two seconds.
•Command-line interface support
Most of hddb’s commands can be called in command-line environment.
•Some enhancements
Hddb can show folder size, which can be useful when analysing disk space usage.

Visit Hddb homepage here

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